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CHS Semester Exam Schedule January 9-10, 2020

final exam

Canfield High School

2019-2020 Semester Exam Schedule

January 9 and 10

Time                      Activity

7:45-9:05 a.m.      Exam Prep/Guidance Office is Open for any guidance issues. (Students do not have to be in Prime Time until 9:05 a.m. Bus riders arrive at normal times and prep for exams in Cafeteria.)

9:10-9:25              Primetime-All students taking the first exam must be in prime time.   

                             Senior/Sophomore Locker Clean Out – Thursday, Jan. 9 

                             Junior/Freshman Locker Clean Out- Friday, Jan. 10

9:30-11:00           Block One Final Exam-Thursday, Jan. 9

                            Block Two Final Exam-Friday, Jan. 10

For Skinny Classes

9:30-10:13           Period 1 (Thursday) or Period 3 (Friday)

10:17-11:00         Period 2 (Thursday) or Period 4 (Friday)

11:05-11:25         All Senior and Sophomore PrimeTimes in Cafeteria for a light lunch. All others in PrimeTime rooms.

11:35-11:55         Junior and Freshman PrimeTimes in Cafeteria for a light lunch. All others in Prime Time rooms.

12:00-1:30           Block Three Final Exam- Thursday, Jan. 9

                            Block Four Final Exam- Friday, Jan. 10

For Skinny Classes

12:00-12:43         Period 5 (Thursday)  or Period 7 (Friday)

12:47-1:30           Period 6 (Thursday) or Period 8 (Friday)

1:30-2:25              School dismissed for non-bus riders. Guidance office is open for any guidance issues. Bus riders stay until 2:25 in Cafeteria.




Canfield High School 2019-20

January 9 and 10


Time                      Activity

9:45-11:20           Block One (Thursday) or Block Two (Friday) Final Exams (No PrimeTime).  Students report directly to exam room.  Five minutes are added for attendance purposes.  Students arriving after 9:45 will receive a tardy.  Teachers will report absent students to attendance desk.  Locker Cleanout is postponed.

For Skinny Classes

9:45-10:30           Period 1 Exam (Thursday) or Period 3 Exam (Friday)

10:35-11:20         Period 2 Exam (Thursday) or Period 4 Exam (Friday)

11:25-11:45         Seniors/Sophomores light lunch in cafeteria (Juniors/Freshmen in PrimeTime)

11:50-12:10         Juniors/Freshmen light lunch in cafeteria (Seniors/Sophomores in PrimeTime)

12:15-1:45           Block Three Exam (Thursday) or Block Four Exam (Friday)             

For Skinny Classes

12:15-1:00           Period 5 Exam (Thursday) or Period 7 Exam (Friday)

1:05-1:50              Period 6 Exam (Thursday) or Period 8 Exam (Friday)

  1. Bus riders stay until 2:25 pm
  2. All Exam policies are in effect.
  3. No locker clean-out.



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