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A Transformation Lab Brings Two Classes Together in the Name of Biotechnology


Canfield High School’s Medical Terminology class and AP Biology class joined forces to undergo a week-long lab within the growing field of biotechnology. In this lab, students performed a procedure known as transformation. Bacterial transformation occurs when a cell takes up and expresses a new piece of genetic information (DNA). Mrs. Gibbs, AP Biology teacher says, “Students used a plasmid vector and will be able to observe transformation of a special type of E.coli bacterial cell. If successful, their bacteria on their plates should “glow” a bright green color.”  

Mr. Slaven, Medical Terminology teacher says, “We are thankful for our partnership with YSU. They provided us with some supplies for the lab. Our students showed mastery in some of the techniques used within genetic engineering.” These techniques include the usage of pipettes, practicing the use of sterile techniques to culture microorganisms, and plating transformed and non-transformed bacteria onto plates.   

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